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Beginning a new series is always a challenge, but after finishing the three years to publish the book 108, it seemed particularly difficult.  I wrote in my journal “not sure what to do next but the water runs under and around the ice and boulders.”

This particular phrase comes from the I Ching, the book of change.  Even though patterns using 108 will continue, I decided to move on to accumulations and mark-making without that particular number of repetitions being essential.

Stacking, gathering, collecting, assembling, amassing, mounding…all words speaking to accumulations. There are stone stacks and sea stacks, wood stacks, and book stacks. The pages of my book were stacked, colors bleeding down and then across the sides.  Time leaves rings stacked around the beginning core of seedling trees. Time leaves horizontal strata in the earth, layers of various colors and beds of matter.

Vertical stacking relates to the heart beats or the earth movements recorded on monitor printouts. The Korean Dansaekhwa artists more often painted in vertical stacking patterns across the work. Data stacking refers to the computer term LIFO, Last-in First-out principle, like a container of objects.

This series is in the first stages of exploration. My mind stays open to experimentations and listening to my early morning dreams.

Catherine Eaton Skinner