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The genesis of Gyan-gyee - The Distance Between Things - was a roll of black and white film. Taken on a Mexican beach at sunset, the images remained unused for several years.

In developing a method of contact printing onto silk tissue, I experimented with these floating figures in the water and on the beach. Cutting and combining pieces of the original shots, I continued to add figures from the River Ganges when I returned from India. The timing of this series is haunting.

Completed in 2004, the first were exhibited at Winston Wachter Fine Art in Seattle. The opening was the week following the tsunami. We all had been inundated with images of people floating in water, and the survivors standing on the shore looking out to a sea that betrayed them. Following in August 2005 was Katrina, flooding the lives and homes of New Orleans and Mississippi. Once again the images rang too true, a portent of the changing world.

Years later in Mumbai, I photographed people on the expansive beach at sunset; this time, however, they were joyous with celebration of a festival.

Catherine Eaton Skinner