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The 108 Raven Chronicles was completed in 2013 for the Sketchbook Project.  The notebook was disassembled and reassembled as a continuous page book, using additional Japanese chanting book papers.

On these were painted 108 ravens and the poem, I Raven. It now resides in the Brooklyn Art Library, home to the Sketchbook Project.  Its code is #S100168, Project SBP2013.  It has traveled 21,251 miles and visited 36 cities before coming to rest here.


Handmade Books

These handmade books augment the repetitive patterns of the 108 series. Lead sheet covers enclose the pages, one a continuous folded mylar paper and the other beeswax infused Himalayan papers.  On each page is a drawing of the Buddhist bead form, maniratna, and together they form the 108 count mala. 

My numerous work/sketch books chronical my conceptual thought, study and art practice over 50 years. I am able to return to writings, ideas and visuals that feed my forward movement. There are also travel journals, with collage, pen, watercolor, textiles and objects that document my travels to African, Europe and Asia.


Catherine Eaton Skinner 2016


I, Raven

sit high

in the grayness

of the pine

the sighs of the wind

and waters

softly intersect

the canyon

The moon

rests gently

on the eastern hill

and I hear

as if a part of me

the life of the dark

The dogs

speak of the days news

until interrupted by

the coyotes

urgency of a days meal


The bear

still lies deep

high above

and the lion

waits upon the stone

for passing prey

The night

subsides into morn

I breathe

the whole of it


the hills


Catherine Eaton Skinner

March 2006