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Landscapes – nature organized for visual pleasure or expressive meaning – seem to be disappearing from our fast-moving world. Instead we are continually assaulted by an indiscriminate barrage of news and information. This series represents the still memory of what landscape was and can be, at least through the current work of paint and brush. The element of ether or quintessence is honored by the red bindu, a focal point amidst the chaos.  The red triangle captures the elements of air/wind, water and earth, which support life on this planet.  The red house outlines the memories that are embedded in ourselves.  As my mother once told me, time will pass by faster as you grow older. She was so right. 

frozen frames of dreams

memories being rewritten

spiral layers on shell


shadows trace shadows

unraveled threads of relics

vestiges of time


tantric moon reflects

collision of elements

a winter wind waits


Catherine Eaton Skinner