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Photography has been integrated into my work for years, using it in various techniques under my encaustic and oil on the wood panels.  I travel with my Canon EOS 5D Mark III and two lenses, a 24-70mm and my favored 70-300mm, as I can often take photos without disturbing the life going on around me.  My husband engages our guide, leaving me to go forward or retreat behind, remaining in my observation mode.

Traveling to Northern India and Bhutan in 2015, I daily took photos on my iPhone, using the Hipstamatic lens application. Quick, often not being able to see what I was taking, I found I ended up with a series that flowed through my trip.  I later used this same method to shoot over 330 photographs from the high speed Euro Star train, Paris to London.  Many of these became part of the "Passages" series.


Catherine Eaton Skinner