Unleashed the book

Unleashed  is a visual anthology by Catherine Eaton Skinner: a collection of work portraying her passion not only for animals of this world, but her relationship amongst them. The original paintings were exhibited at the Waterworks Gallery in Friday Harbor, WA. Whether painting the human figure, various animal forms or the changing landscape, each of her works represents a unique pilgrimage of mind and spirit connecting with the journeys of those who witness her work through their own unique experiences.

"All animals are a part of man's collective subconscious mind and cultural memory. Their imagery and symbolism pervades our ancient myths, scriptures and oral traditions. Cultural legends portray strong linkages between animals, deities and humans. We have been tied to animals for all time.

Many creation myths talk of when the animals were called into existence. The power and invisible vibration of saying the animal's name coalesced the energies of that spirit into their physical form. When asked of the animals in the valley, the Cree medicine woman answered, 'The animal spirits are a part of the earth's energy. We cannot separate them from the collective life force.'

For the Northwest tribes, man always occupies the bottom of the carved totem. As caretaker, he alone holds up the animals. He is responsible for the condition of the planet upon which all of us live and depend. Man's lack of knowing and continual disregard for this earth is shifting the environment, in such a way that the animals and birds are becoming more and more confused.

If you are chosen by a 'power animal,' you guard and honor him or her. In showing respect, humility and thankfulness, the animal becomes your teacher, your protector. Each animal offers certain gifts and innate knowledge for us. They have much to teach humanity. Their wisdom may empower, protect, inspire and heal us. If we listen, we may survive together on this earth."



"So well does the artist Catherine Eaton Skinner distills what she sees in nature that a look into the faces of her painted animals immediately conveys an intimacy with the subject's spirited vitality. Her animal portraits are like fine poems that have eliminated the superfluous to leave the truest essence of her subject. Her paintings invite us in visually and emotionally to consider and share the beauty and mystery of Nature."

- Tony Angell, Northwest Artist, Naturalist & Educator

Unleashed Prints

C.E. SKINNER studio is offering an opportunity to purchase limited edition prints from the Unleashed series. Listed in order of appearance, Bear, Quail, Zebra, Elephant, Coyote, Camels, Falcon, Giraffe, Goose, Polar Bear, Hare, Jaguar, Toad & Tortoise, and Monkeys. Each print is 36" x 24" on 300lb Moab Entrada paper. Prints can be framed at full size or cropped to format your needs.
We are offering pricing starting at $500 unframed, $900 framed (this will include a signed copy of Unleashed the book). There are 14 animals in the series with a limited edition of nine prints.

Purchase Information:

The shipping and insurance charge for un-framed prints is $25. For framed prints, the shipping charges are to be determined, based on actual costs. Any purchase of framed prints will be followed up with an email to discuss shipping charges.

All shipments must be pre-paid with a 3 day inspection period.



"Catherine Eaton Skinner's beautiful art engages the viewer-- encouraging a thoughtful dialogue about the connections and relationships between people and animals. These prints, which are based on Skinner's full-sized works of art, take adults and children directly into the animals through their eyes. It is a priceless connection."

- Deborah B. Jensen, PhD, President & CEO, Woodland Park Zoo